Administrative Law

Licensing and defense of licenses including representing clients before agencies like the Securities and  Exchange Commission and state regulatory agencies


Filing bankruptcy and bankruptcy litigation

Business Law

The lawyers and staff at Tollefsen Law have a wide variety of business and legal experience. We are often able to find creative solutions to business legal problems

Capital Raising

Entity Formation




Business Litigation and Arbitration

We have many years experience with complex litigation in federal courts, state courts and with administrative agencies. From intellectual property litigation to financial fraud, we can provide the commercial litigation services needed.



FCA (Qui Tam)

Intellectual Property


Financial Fraud


Business Torts

A full range of business torts including Deceit, Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Tortious Interference, Negligence, Negligent Misrepresentation, and Nuisance


Those who are starting a new business need our experience and expertise

Expert Testimony

Our attorneys are available to testify as experts on subjects related to our practice areas

Financial Fraud

With many years’ experience in investigation and litigation, one of our most important practice areas is representing investors and those who are attempting to remedy financial fraud. A Certified Fraud Examiner is on staff.

Internal Investigations

It makes sense to hire a certified fraud investigator who is a lawyer to conduct the internal investigation.


Our lawyers are available to serve as mediators through our sister organization, the International Mediation Center.

Non-profit Law

We assist with formation, compliance, and governance issues. State and Federal filings for tax-exempt status

Real Estate

Commercial real estate transactions and litigation


Trusts, estate planning and maintenance

International Law

Arbitration, EB-5 financing, real estate and business transactions, litigation

False Claims Act Whistleblower

The False Claims Act provides that ¨Any employee who is discharged; or demoted; or suspended; or threatened; or harassed; or in any manner discriminated against is entitled to bring an action for reinstatement with same seniority; 2 times back pay with interest;...

State Whistleblower Protection

Washington State Whistleblower Protection On March 30, 2012, Washington finally joined the 29 other states that had False Claims Act (FCA) by passing the Medicaid Fraud False Claims Act (MFFCA). Like 10 of the 30 states that have a FCA, it is limited only to Medicaid....

Unjust Enrichment

Unjust Enrichment – Washington State Law The terms “restitution” and “unjust enrichment” are the modern designations for the older “quasi contracts” terminology.1 27 WAPRAC § 5.51 The Washington court has adopted the unjust enrichment terminology, but continues...