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Form a Business Entity with Professional Help

We can assist you with entity formation in most jurisdictions worldwide. Whatever the type of entity from corporation to limited liability partnerships we can provide professional  entity formation services at an affordable price. For a few hundred dollars more than LegalZoom® you can have the peace of mind that the entity formation was done by a professional.

Types of Entities

Definitions of types of business organizations: proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, business trust, S corporation, and limited partnership

Piercing the Corporate Veil

Understand how, in exceptional circumstances, creditors can reach the entity or shareholders who do not agree to the liability. Reverse-Piercing-Corporate-Veil

Washington Limited Liability Companies

Cancelled limited liability companies cannot sue or be sued – Members could have liability. Chadwick Farms 2009

False Claims Act Whistleblower

The False Claims Act provides that ¨Any employee who is discharged; or demoted; or suspended; or threatened; or harassed; or in any manner discriminated against is entitled to bring an action for reinstatement with same seniority; 2 times back pay with interest;...

Unjust Enrichment

Unjust Enrichment – Washington State Law The terms “restitution” and “unjust enrichment” are the modern designations for the older “quasi contracts” terminology.1 27 WAPRAC § 5.51 The Washington court has adopted the unjust enrichment terminology, but continues...

Civil Litigation Theories

Litigation Theories of Recovery Remedies for Breach of Contract Account Stated Washington law Unjust Enrichment Washington law Remedies for Misrepresentation Four Theories of Recovery for Misrepresentation Breach of express or implied warranty Restatement Fraud...

Washington Government Web Sites

Washington State Government Web Sites WA Attorney General WA Attorney General – Consumer Protection Division WA Business and Professional License Search WA Cities and Counties WA Courts WA Courts Law Library WA Courts Pattern Forms (Criminal, Family Law,...