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International Lawyer John J. Tollefsen

John J. Tollefsen


International  Lawyer – Business and Litigation

John is an international lawyer with multiple post graduate degrees from both U.S. and European schools including two master of laws degrees earned while studying in Europe. He started his practice in 1974 by opening his own solo office practice. John graduated from the University of Washington business school with an emphasis on accounting and finance in 1971. In 1974, he completed his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Willamette University School of Law in Salem, Oregon.  He is a certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Controls Specialist. He has had extensive business law experience in international transactional work as well as international litigation in state, federal and bankruptcy courts. His areas of international law experience includes public and private finance, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border licensing, contracting, and intellectual property issues. Industries represented include petroleum, agriculture, electronics, telecommunications, mineral exploration, automotive, logistics, transportation, and alternative energy. Tollefsen Law has lawyers and staff who speak Farsi and Mandarin languages and lawyers who have been trained outside the United States.

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International Transactional practice

John Tollefsen has assisted with transactions or disputes involving parties in many countries including Australia, Baha, Belize, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Monaco, Panama, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. He represents a United Nations recognized NGO in a dispute in the United States. He is a member of the American Bar Association’s International Law Section meditation committee as well as its international litigation committee.

International Litigation practice

Although John works on most types of complex business and real estate cases including securities fraud litigation, he has developed a passion for victims of financial fraud. John became a Certified Fraud Examiner in 2005 and assisted clients combating fraud. John has pursued financial fraud perpetrators in state and federal courts (including bankruptcy and appellate courts). John has won numerous large judgments and settlements for his clients. He also does some work on the defense side, including selected criminal matters, he attempts to only accept cases in which the defendant has due regard for victims and potential victims of any illegal conduct.