Everett, Washington

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Lynnwood, Washington

2122 164th SW, Suite 300,

Lynnwood, WA 98087-7812

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Seattle, Washington

800 – 5th Avenue, Suite 4100,

Seattle, Washington 98104

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1001 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 1100

Portland, Oregon 97204

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New York


New York City

 5 Penn Plaza, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10001

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Houston phone: 832-770-6703

Washington D.C. phone: 202-999-4430



Los Angeles: (213) 401-2550

San Francisco: (415) 735-3400

Tollefsen Law PLLC has adopted a new business model to help make legal fees affordable. Its staff is located in a suburb of Seattle, Washington (Lynnwood, Washington) and it rents part-time office locations in several cities in the states it serves. It employs high tech solutions like “paperless” office and SIP phones to improve productivity. Most of the courts (i.e. federal) in which it appears allow electronic filing so the location of the law firm does not need to be next to the court house. These and other business strategies have led to lower overhead and reduced fees. For more information see FEES and TECHNOLOGY.