Small Business Law Firm

Traditionally, law firms were located next to court houses so that filing and court appearances could be done expeditiously. Courts were downtown in high rent areas. Law firms completed over the appearance of their law firms increasing the overhead with marble staircases and elaborate wood work.

Now for business matters, filing is done electronically and appearances in the courtroom are rare. It is time to locate law firms in lower overhead suburbs with free parking and easy freeway access. This is the path Tollefsen Law has taken.

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Greater Seattle has a vibrant rapidly growing small business community mixed with some of the largest corporations in the world. Its entrepreneurs have world-wide fame. It is growing at a rapid pace. Tollefsen Law is organized to assist entrepreneurs reach the next level with our legal and business experience at rates affordable by growing businesses.

We offer a broad menu of business practice areas at affordable prices.

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We have adopted a “paperless” practice approach with high speed scanners and sophisticated software providing access to files and the applicable law from anyplace that has internet access.

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With experienced business lawyers an staff, we can provide creative solutions to business problems.


Small Business Law Firm
Small Business Law Firm