Bankruptcy Filing and Litigation

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Tollefsen Law helps businesses and consumers deal with filing and litigation in bankruptcy courts. If TL will advise you during the process of filing for protection under the bankruptcy laws. We help you consider all your options and do not rush into bankruptcy court. TL will only suggest a bankruptcy filing if it is a reasonable solution for your financial problems.

If you make the decision to file, we try to wait until your financial situation has improved so that you can be successful when the bankruptcy case is concluded. Unless, you are being forced into bankruptcy court on account of litigation or other pressures, it is best to wait until things improve. We have seen too many people file bankruptcy at the first sign of financial stress only to discover that their financial problems were only beginning.

If you need to litigate in bankruptcy court, we have the experience to help you bring or defend an adversary proceeding.

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Embezzler Prevented from Evading Repayment – BAP and bankruptcy court overruled – Payment Made Within 90 Days Does Not Extinguish Debt (In re Laizure, 2008)


Bankruptcy lawyers


We are a debt relief agency. We are bankruptcy lawyers who help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.