Arbitration and Litigation

Bankruptcy and Business LitigationFour-entrepreneurs

Often there is no choice except to pursue the investigation and recovery of money through litigation. With Tollefsen Law  PLLC you can use the same professional from the initial investigation, through civil litigation, and if the perpetrator and participants file bankruptcy petitions, in the bankruptcy court.

Internal and External Investigations

When the investigation calls for strict confidentiality, independence, and professionalism, it is time to hire Tollefsen Law PLLC. For true independence, the private investigator should be a professional.

Expert Witness Services

If you need to explain complex facts, law, and accounting to a trier of fact, you need an experienced professional.

Sarbanes Oxley and Qui Tam Whistleblowers

WhistleThere is little room for error if you are facing a serious Sarbanes Oxley internal investigation. Hire a professional private investigator who can conduct a confidential investigation. Only an attorney can offer the attorney-client privilege.

If you are a potential whistleblower, you need professional counsel regarding your rights and risks.

International Law and Arbitration

Tollefsen Law has assisted with transactions or disputes involving parties in many countries including Australia, Bahamas, Belize, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, Monaco, Panama, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. More . . .


Many potential clients analyze lawyers by their hourly rate. However, hourly fees often are not a good predictor of the total fees. Most large firms have a fee structure where multiple lawyers work on each case. Each of these lawyers must bill a minimum number of hours to remain employed at the firm. Often these firms have a large minimum fee required even to open a file.

Better indicators of your final bill are the firm’s overhead, number of partners, and the experience of the attorney(s) doing most of the work on your case. If the firm has large downtown class A high-rise offices, many employees who do not bill, and many partners, you can expect a large fee. If the attorneys working on your case are associates with little experience in your type of case, expect to pay for their learning experience.

At TL, we attempt to maximize efficiency through the latest technology and well-thought out procedures.   We attempt to minimize overhead without sacrificing quality.