Commercial Litigation

Tollefsen Law has experience in most types of commercial and business litigation. From contracts disputes to regulatory compliance disputes, we have probably litigated the issue. We have experience in real estate, services, manufacturing, agriculture, mineral extraction and many other industries.

Tollefsen Law focuses on complex business and commercial litigation. We also know that businesses usually do not make money litigating. We know litigation usually take valuable time and resources that you would prefer to use elsewhere. Unlike some law firms that tend to find a way to create large fees before looking for a solution, TL is focused on settlement from the onset of the case. Over 95% of civil cases settle before trial. You can expect an honest assessment of your case when we open your file. You will have an opportunity to fully discuss your case and evaluate all alternatives. Whether you need a trial attorney or a lawyer with a heart for mediation we can help.

Affordable . Our unique business model makes us more affordable that most firms that do similar work. In addition, we will not take your case unless we think we are a good choice for the issue at hand. If we know of a less expensive method of getting the results you need, we will let you know.

Making Litigation Affordable

Litigation can be expensive, particularly with the present emphasis on massive production of electronically stored documents. Sometimes it is a better business decision to forego litigation or seek alternative dispute resolution through mediation. We work with our clients to find the right solution for the problem.

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Business Torts

Litigation theories often include business torts like Deceit, Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Tortious Interference, Negligence, Negligent Misrepresentation, and Nuisance. More

Commercial litigation
Commercial Litigation
Commercial Litigation