International Disputes

International Litigation and Arbitration

Tollefsen Law has assisted with transactions or disputes involving parties in many countries including Australia, Bahamas, Belize, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Monaco, Panama, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. We represent a United Nations recognized NGO in a dispute in the United States. Our lawyers have unique experience and training in international law issues including overseas graduate education.

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International Disputes Handled by Tollefsen Law

Foreign Judgments

It has become increasingly common for parties to attempt to enforce foreign judgments in the United States under state law. Tollefsen Law represents both the plaintiffs and defendants in these cases.

U.S. Constitution offers some protection from Abusive Foreign Judgments (published by U.S. Chamber of Commerce). 2011-US-Chamber-AbusiveForeignJudgments

Whether or not explicitly stated in the state statute, the foreign judgment must comply with the requirements of the Constitution as a precondition to domestication of a judgment. Entering a foreign judgment is “state action” triggering constitutional protections. Disclaimer: We do not agree with the “plaintiff-bashing” stand of the Chamber of Commerce but offer this article because we believe it correctly states the applicable constitutional law covering judgments obtained in international disputes.