Expert Testimony

Tollefsen Law has experienced lawyers who serve as expert witness on business law, non-profit law, securities law, and intellectual property issues.

Expert Witness Services

As an independent expert witness, our attorneys can reduce complex fact situations to understandable testimony for a judge or jury. we has in-depth understanding in the following area of law and business:expert witness services

Securities: From the point of view of a lawyer as well as a hands-on professional, John Tollefsen provides a multi-disciplinary approach to engagements. John held series 7, 24, and 27 licenses with the NASD. As a lawyer he has done public offerings, private placements, and litigated a wide range of state-law securities issues. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner (learn more) and Certified Controls Specialist (learn more).  Mr. Tollefsen’s CV: JJT-CV  Other lawyers in the firm are also capable expert witnesses in securities law topics.

Business Organizations: Our attorneys have drafted organizational and other documents for corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, business trusts and proprietorships. They have litigated the rights of these entities from both a plaintiff and defense perspective.

Real Estate: We have considerable experience with commercial real estate particularly in the hospitality industry.

False Claims Act: Financial fraud on the federal government is a recurring problem and an area of focus of Tollefsen Law. We can assist you with evaluation of Qui Tam cases.We can be of significant assistance to Whistleblowers and their counsel.

Legal Malpractice: We can assist as an expert witness in legal malpractice cases involving business law. We serve on the plaintiff’s side only if there is clear liability.

Contracts: The foundation of all business, contracts are better understood by a transactional lawyer who has also litigated contractual issues.